How to Make Virtual Events Extra Special

Are you organizing your company’s first-ever virtual event? Surely, you need more ideas since this will be different from the face to face events you and your colleagues have always known. Aside from getting the best virtual events platform, you also have to consider the features that must be included. Of course, your goal is to create a successful and unforgettable event.

If you need help from a creative technologist who is an expert at virtual events, we have a team of them at Waveplay Interactive! More heads are better than one, so we can give you numerous ideas of how you can turn your virtual event into the best experience for your guests. Your guests will definitely enjoy the first of your touchless events.

Take a look at some of Waveplay Interactive’s highly recommendable features for contactless events:

  1. Webplay Virtual Events

Get ready to discover the Webplay Hybrid/Virtual Events platform. Launched in May 2020, this is Waveplay Interactive’s solution to the event issues brought about by the worldwide health crisis. Many big-time organizations and brands in the Philippines have used this platform for their business conventions, product launches, brand events, medical conferences, grocery expos, virtual booths, and showrooms.

What’s more, Webplay Virtual Events has been awarded Bronze at the 11th Global Event Ex Awards under the Best Virtual Experience Solutions category. It was also the only Filipino tech company that received the Best Virtual Event Platform Award at the 2021 Event Technology Awards UK.

  1. Online Games

These games will let your guests interact with the market anywhere and on any gadget. These are brilliant engagers that are created to provide the market with informative entertainment about the company’s brand. These games can be integrated into the Webplay Virtual Events platform or they can be a separate activity. They can also be added to your virtual booths.

  1. Instagram/Facebook AR Filters

Since social networking sites play an important role in marketing, involving them in your virtual event is a smart move. And at Waveplay Interactive, you can create your own Instagram/Facebook AR Filters. These filters are definitely a hit at virtual events! Wherever they are, they will engage your guests through custom Instagram and Facebook augmented reality filters. They are great for promoting your brand on social media. Some of the brands that have used this feature for their events are AlcoPlus, Hershey’s, Palmolive, and Globe at Home.

Can You Pull This Off?

It is normal to worry about something you have to do the first time. Organizing f2f events is challenging itself, so how much more virtual events? Of course, you would have to be more creative in order to give your guests the best event experience even online.

Waveplay Interactive has more exciting services that are also perfect for hybrid events. You simply have to check out our website and find out more about them. You can also directly send us a message! We would love to help you with your upcoming event.