We Make Customized Share-Worthy Event Content

Amazing Social Media Mileage

Boost your event ROI with custom made 360 Selfies that reach your target market, their friends, and their entire social circle!

Super Custom

We provide sophisticated customization and creative consultation based on the event messaging to give each 360 Selfie an entirely unique look and feel.

TVC-Like Quality

Pair your super custom look with our top-of-the-line production quality, you deserve no less.

On-Site Sharing

Guests love to get their 360 Selfies on-site. Our setup includes a Touch Screen Viewing and Sharing Gallery composed of 2 touch screens for self-sharing and 1 TV for playback. As a backup, we also provide an online gallery for client’s sharing to their guests (just in case).

Data Gathering

If client prefers, our system allows saving of email addresses inputted in our Touch Screen Sharing Gallery. Nice.

Custom Email Message

Did you know that we can send a custom message for guests to receive with their 360 Selfie? From product info, call to action, to caption and hashtag post suggestions, the brand experience is full circle.





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