About Us

Waveplay Interactive Inc.

A leader in interactive event experiences in the Philippines, Waveplay Interactive creates innovative event engagements for top local and international brands. We continually introduce game-changing technologies that captivate guests on an all-immersive level, ranging from motion games, interactive displays, augmented reality, touchscreens, contactless activations, premium photo and video booths, as well as virtual and hybrid event microsites..

Waveplay began in 2011 by introducing a group motion gaming concept that turned crowds into human joysticks. Participants waved their hands to control a branded game. This concept was adapted in Winema by SM Cinema, the first interactive cinema in Asia, followed by Eat Bulaga’s “Wave Wave Wave, Win Win Win,” the world’s first interactive audience gaming segment on TV.

Gamification can serve as effective marketing tools, not only because they can be entertaining and easily grab attention, but also because they tap into people's competitive nature and natural desire for rewards.

As brands, ad agencies, and event organizers enjoy the benefits of interactive games for their campaigns, Waveplay continues to introduce more event technology concepts, taking on thousands of tailored executions for sales conferences, brand events, activations, interactive digital campaigns, experiential museums, product launches, and expos. Waveplay has also served top local and global clients across various industries including FMCG, personal care, healthcare, construction, banking, telecommunications, technology, fast food, BPO, and lifestyle brands.

In 2017, Waveplay launched 360 Selfie PH, an E! awarded Instagrammable experience company. 360 Selfie PH provides high-end lifestyle event concepts centered on Instagrammable photo and video content, such as the 360 Selfie video booth, GlamShot Infinity, Runway Studio, and Holo Foto, the instant hologram photobooth, another first in the country.

In March of 2020, the entire event industry experienced its biggest challenge yet. When the pandemic hit, all physical gatherings were put on hold.

While most were pivoting their events to Zoom webinars and Facebook livestreams, our team aspired for ways to implement online the same engagements brands and event organizers used to do on-ground. So the company launched WEBPLAY - the Philippines’ first fully customizable virtual / hybrid events platform. The award-winning Webplay Virtual Events Platform has since been the choice for some of the Philippines’ biggest virtual events such as PH Digicon, Coca Cola, World Health Organization, Globe Virtual Hangouts, and more. All virtual venue microsites are one-of-a-kind, easy to use, gadget neutral, exceptionally stable, and ready to launch in a few weeks.

Following the pandemic, with the public becoming more adaptable to technology, Waveplay continues to blaze the trail by marrying on-ground interaction with integration and scalability. So whether it’s for in-person, virtual, or hybrid event campaigns, let your imagination loose, and allow us to bring it to life.