Custom Projects

Don’t be limited to the samples we share on our site. We LOVE Challenges! Tell us all about your requirements, and let us execute it for you.

Erceflora x Spores to Life

Suki Day 2024 x Bike Game

Promil's Gifted Brain Room x Kryz Uy

Promil x Gifted Brain Room

IQOS x Custom AI Portraits Generator

Laser Gun Game

Chill Venting Machine

Anytime Fitness Custom Bike Interactive

McDonald's Wild River Group Rowing Game Fun Tech

Miniso Interactive Floor

Ant-Man and The Wasp Shrinking Video Booth

SM Store Virtual Pool

Stranger Things Bike Game

Giant Tablet" Touch Screen LED Wall

Slot Machine game by Waveplay

Berocca Bike Game

Delight AR Dance feat. Nino and Alonzo Muhlach