How to Captivate Your Audience

In a time where audience interaction is a key to any company’s success, it is important for brands to engage and captivate their consumers. One of the latest trends today in marketing and advertising is a “captive audience”. This refers to purposely catching the attention of someone such that he/she will not be given any other choice but to watch or listen to something. In the time of digital transformation, you need to convince your audience that your brand is worth paying attention to. Here are some tips to do this:

  • Upgrade your visuals.

You need to speak in your audience’s language. Create materials that appeal to your target audience and provide them with one-of-a kind imageries. Share photos and videos on social media that would attract their attention in order to encourage organic community sharing. 


  • Educate your audience. 

Your audience will want to take something away with them from your events and activities. Create a story that will tell them about your products and services, the individuals behind it and the journey that you went through. Storytelling should not be confined to your webpage but you can also bring this to your events through Waveplay Interactive’s Wall Alive. This is an interactive installation that will tell your story in a captivating way. 




  • Make it interactive.

Instead of just making your audience listen, you have to create personal and shareable moments for them. Just like the growing popularity of immersive digital museums such as teamLab Borderless and Van Gogh Alive, you can have interactive artistic installations at events such as  Sensory Art. Immerse your guests in an interactive art experience crafted for your event alone. It can be used in many ways from a flowing art wall to moving parts of an artwork. This stimulates your guests multiple senses and creates an enticing ambiance that will provide an emotion and thought-provoking time for them. Check out the installation of Sensory Art in Van Gogh Manila.




  • You can never have enough photobooths.

People love to take photos and they will enjoy it better if they can take it right where they are. Social Snaps by Waveplay Interactive is the latest addition to the growing family of trendiest photo and video booths. It features a roving video booth which features custom branded augmented reality effects according to your event theme. This is perfect for sporting events, concerts, festivals, and other activities where your guests move around and about.