Wall Alive (Interactive Wall)

Imagine a plain wall that comes to life with a mere touch. Wow your event guests and make them think.. How is that possible? With the Wall Alive Interactive Wall, it is!

Wall Alive can be a great foyer activity to keep your guests entertained while they learn info about your event and brand through a fun, immersive experience.
Wall Alive is also a great entrance spectacle as an interactive installation that greets your guests. For conventions, Wall Alive can be used as an interactive detailer as well.
Each Wall Alive is fully customizable from the concept, the touch points, animations, sounds, wall fabrication and header, and even the whole activity. We can even incorporate motion detection, souvenir giveaways, photo taking, data gathering, and so much more.

Be creative. We would love to incorporate your ideas into our Wall Alive technology. Let’s talk?

Wall Alive

Globe 5G Future Home Wall Alive

WHO DOH Wall Alive

Metfone Cambodia Wall Alive

Für Die Freiheit x Wall Alive

Unicef Wall Alive

Custom Wall Alive with Digital Host

Presidential Car Museum Wall Alive

PLDT Wall Alive

Avengers Infinity War x Globe Wall Alive

SM Love and Luck Wall Alive

Digicon Wall Alive

#ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines Wall Alive

Nurture the Future Color Wall