Why Should You Go Virtual for Your Next Event?

Due to limitations imposed by COVID-19 until now every event-organizers should have a backup plan whenever schedules cannot physically take place. The ability to shift into the virtual world is a skill that organizers must have. Why should you go online for your next event? Read on to find out.

1. Massive audience reach
One of the limitations of a physical event is venue availability and seating capacity. Online events have no such limitations as long as your audience is connected to the internet. Such virtual events give your customers across the globe the opportunities to learn and meet each other a larger scale. When done right, you will be able to create linkages from all parts of the world; it is limitless. Here in the Philippines, the most common virtual events include webinars, internal company meetings, workshops, briefings and customer meetings.

2. Saves money
One of the main benefits of histing virtual events is a significant reduction in cost and event logistics. This is because the expenditure for real life event logistics will be eliminated or reduced drastically. This in turn will increase the return of investment and offer higher profitability in the long run.

3. Better event feedback
Virtual events make it easier to gather precise data on your event and your audience. It is easy to monitor attendance, logins, chats, connections, views and shares. Other virtual platforms have deep data analytics that can provide data bout user interest and behavior during your events.

4. Environmentally friendly
As everything is virtual, there will be no waste materials generated. It is convenient and online events leave no impact on the environment. An eco-friendly event marketed as one will also attract more attendees and leave a positive impression to your target audience.

5. Convenience
There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a platform for your virtual event. In the Philippines, Webplay Virtual Experience by Waveplay Interactive offers the most convenient tool for your next online event. Webplay (https://waveplayinteractive.com/services/webplay‐virtualexperience/) is an online platform that offers everything you need from registration, video/livestream with polling and Q&A, chatroom, virtual photo booths and virtual video booths, and even provides your brand with custom‐made interactive games that suit your campaign. Furthermore, this browser‐based experience has security access features to ensure your privacy.

With these benefits listed above, we at Waveplay Interactive are very much willing to help you in your
next event. Contact us!