Why are Event Organizers Going Virtual?

As an event organizer, your next virtual event deserves to be more exciting and immersive than the standard video call conferences. This is where virtual event platforms can help; it can allow you to transform a computer screen into an exciting digital environment where guests can explore and interact. 

While a digital event does not allow the participants to build a face-to-face connection, the best virtual event platforms will help you emulate that atmosphere and bring it online. Virtual and hybrid event platforms open up your event to many people and give them an immersive experience.  

The best virtual event is accessible to everyone. Anyone should be able to attend your virtual event with a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop computer. You can’t anticipate how or from where each guest will attend, so your event needs to be mobile-friendly. Additionally, a good virtual event also includes features that can make it more engaging. With the right platform, you can incorporate virtual photobooths, augmented reality, networking lounge, booth exhibits, video conferencing, custom branded games, swag bags, leaderboard, live interactive games, and more. 

With the right virtual event planner and organizer, you can offer your participants a branded experience that will drive leads among the audience. With virtual events, networking and interaction have never been made easier, leading to increased productivity. 

In the Philippines, Waveplay Interactive is leading the field of hybrid and virtual events. This virtual event organizer pioneered Webplay Virtual Events, the first homegrown virtual event platform to launch in the Philippines. Webplay has an impressive track record of successfully executing highly customized virtual events for some of the biggest brands and organizations with portfolios ranging from product launches, grocery expos, medical conferences, brand events, business conventions, exhibits, showrooms, virtual booths, and more.

With modern hybrid event platforms like Webplay Virtual Events, it is now possible to have an entire event at the palm of your hand, literally. Contact us to know more.