What are the Benefits of Going Virtual?

In the past year, everyone has probably encountered the term “virtual” or “hybrid” events. Whether as an organizer or a participant, it’s no surprise that you would come across virtual event platforms by this time. Due to the heights of the pandemic, the event industry went through a shift and innovated to adapt with the changing times. 

A lot may wonder what virtual events look like, so imagine attending an event such as business conventions and seminars but online. This whole setting with large banners and flyers, offers, people looking to network, and others wandering about a physical event is somewhat different when you turn to a virtual venue. Despite the differences, many of the important aspects of the physical event can easily be replicated on a virtual one if you use the right virtual event platform

There are more benefits of going virtual and they are listed as follows: 

  • Cost-effective

Hosting virtual events helps reduce cost and event logistics. Reports say that virtual events are about 50% less expensive than physical events, as planners typically save money on staff, venue, setup and takedown, accommodations, meals, travel costs, and more. This in turn will increase the return of investment and offer higher profitability in the long run. You only need to choose from a wide array of virtual event platforms optimized for these types of events and in the Philippines, Webplay Virtual Events is the frontrunner. This virtual event organizer has been utilized by the biggest brands and companies for product launches, grocery expos, medical conferences, brand events, business conventions, exhibits, showrooms, virtual booths, and many more.

  • Convenient

Virtual events make it possible for participants to join from the comforts of their home, without the need for travel and accommodation. Furthermore, platforms like Webplay make it possible to have everything you need packaged into one from registration, video/livestream with polling and Q&A, chat rooms, virtual photo booths and virtual video booths, and even custom‐made interactive games. 

Webplay Virtual Event is an entirely browser-based experience without the need to install any applications. It is intuitive and easy to use and can be navigated using different devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. It is fully immersive and interactive and is the most ideal way to give your participants a unique online experience in this era of the new normal. Check out our latest gig for Avida Homepossible

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  • Massive audience reach

On-ground or physical events limited the number of attendees that could attend the event due to limitations imposed by geographical location and the pandemic. With virtual events, this is not a problem. Virtual platforms make it possible to host different types of events like webinars, workshops, and conferences that can easily be accessed through the internet. Audience participation rate is increased, and dropout rates are reduced. 

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