Transforming the Landscape of Interactive Games with These New Services

Waveplay Interactive continues to set the bar high in the realm of interactive games, blending cutting-edge technology with inventive designs to deliver unmatched experiences. Our latest innovations—Clear Touch, Showcase, Scream Machine, Brand Claw, and Virtual Reality (VR)—demonstrate our dedication to advancing digital games and interactive events.

  1. Clear Touch: Pinnacle of Interactive Displays

Clear Touch, a pioneering holographic touch screen technology from Waveplay Interactive, is designed to meet various gamification and information-based needs. This adaptable table crafts bespoke journeys that emphasize brand benefits, showcase AVPs in novel ways, and engage users with knowledge quizzes and immersive games. A standout feature of the Clear Touch table is its integration with a secondary display, such as a 60-inch TV or a larger LED wall. When users swipe pieces from the table towards the display, it responds dynamically, offering a truly immersive experience.

  1. Showcase: Dynamic Product Displays

Our Showcase revolutionizes product presentation at retail events and activations. This interactive product display captures customer attention by not only showcasing the product but also integrating branded gamified content. The touch screen capability of Showcase is customized to reflect your brand story, providing a dynamic and innovative method to engage customers and leave a memorable impact.

  1. Scream Machine: Sound-Driven Engagement

The Scream Machine is a unique crowd-puller that gamifies sound to achieve campaign goals. The customizable game mechanics of the Scream Machine ensure that each execution is distinct, making it ideal for pop-up events and activations. This interactive game leverages participants’ voices, encouraging them to scream loudly to win, creating an unforgettable and engaging experience.

  1. Brand Claw: Reinventing the Claw Machine

Waveplay Interactive has transformed the classic Claw Machine into the Brand Claw, the first of its kind in the Philippines. Unlike traditional machines, the Brand Claw is activated not by tokens but by completing a custom branded game, activity, or registration. This personalized touch screen activity is complemented by brandable headers, backings, and sides of the module, making it an all-in-one experiential and instant gratification technology. Ideal for sampling, foyer activities, booth attractions, and lead generation, the Brand Claw is designed to maximize engagement and brand visibility.

  1. Virtual Reality: Immersive Brand Engagement

Our commitment to innovate immersive games includes the realm of Virtual Reality (VR). Our customized VR experiences allow brands to immerse guests in engaging environments that reinforce unique selling points and educational content. Designed for ease of use, even for first-time users, Waveplay VR ensures a smooth and hygienic experience with provided face covers for every player. This technology is perfect for creating memorable interactive events that leave a lasting impression.

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Waveplay Interactive continues to redefine the interactive games industry with our latest innovations. From the advanced Clear Touch and captivating Showcase to the engaging Scream Machine and Brand Claw, and the immersive VR experiences, we lead the way in creating immersive, interactive, and memorable digital games. These offerings not only captivate audiences but also provide brands with unique opportunities to engage and connect with their target markets, setting new standards in interactive events and activities.