Top Interactive Games to Choose for Your Hybrid Events

Are you excited to conduct your company’s upcoming hybrid event? Do you want to think of ways to improve how people engage with each other? If yes, you should consider including interactive games, which are among the newest virtual reality trends.

Waveplay Interactive, the most trusted interactive display provider in the Philippines, has a list of augmented reality features and interactive games that you can check out. We do not only provide the hottest interactive photobooths in the country, but we can upgrade your virtual and hybrid events to the highest level with our latest products and services.

If what you are looking for are exciting interactive games, we can definitely provide you with the best. Check out some of them:

  1. A. R. Scavenger Hunt

This is one of the newest offers of Waveplay Interactive! The Pokemon Go-inspired game will get your participants active as they have to look for trademarked icons all around the event’s venue. The guests will need their phones to scan these images since it is a contactless augmented reality game. Those who find all the icons will win a prize. Rest assured that this game is fast-loading, gadget neutral, and does not require app downloads. It can also be used simultaneously in multiple venues.

  1. Online Games

Of course, our in-demand online games will never be out of the list. These interactive games can be played on any device wherever your guests are. You can also use these games to educate your target audience about your brand. You can choose to integrate these games into the Webplay Virtual Events Platform, or you can have them as a stand-alone feature. It is also possible to incorporate them into virtual booths.

  1. Interactive Floor

Waveplay Interactive can also customize the clients’ interactive displays to transform a hybrid event venue. You can choose to have an interactive floor or interactive wall for your event. The creative technology behind this activity will ensure that your guests will not be bored as they enjoy the state-of-the-art feature. Some of the games we have created for different events include the Mall of Asia Cyber Hockey, Huawei Nova9 SE Interactive Floor, GOT Ice and Fire Interactive Floor, and Marks and Spencer Interactive Floor. You can check them out on the website.

  1. Giant Scratch Card

If you want to satisfy your guests with instant gratification, this Giant Scratch Card Interactive LED Floor is what you need. The platform will allow you to announce the prizes per category, and it has log data for the claimed prizes. It has fully-customizable features, including animations, designs, and mechanics.

Check Out Our Other Games

We have more interactive games and virtual reality activities available for your hybrid events. Just check out the Waveplay Interactive website to choose among all our engaging products and services. If you want to know more about them, you can simply message us. We will definitely love to help you make your hybrid event successful!