Tips and Tricks for a Successful Online Event

The coronavirus pandemic caused a halt to large events worldwide, so organizers are looking at different ways of continuing business as usual by resorting to virtual events. For this reason, the number of virtual events shoots up since the start of the quarantine period. These online event platforms are designed to duplicate real-time activities such as registration, certification, participation, and interaction. If you are looking for tips in looking for the ideal virtual event platform in the Philippines, this article will help you. 


  • Identify your objectives. 


Planning is the key to a successful online event, much like an in-person event. Begin with thinking of a strategy in mind because your goals will dictate which platform would be beneficial for you. Which objectives are you trying to achieve? Consider whether you are driving awareness about your brand, expanding customer relationships, or simply communicating with your participants. The most important point to consider in planning virtual events is to prioritize audience engagement. A fun way to do this is through Instagram and Facebook Augmented Reality filters ( 


  • Think about convenience. 


Many of your attendees would want to participate in using their mobile phones so it is important to consider this as well. Choose an online event platform that supports mobile devices for their interactive features so your attendees can join wherever they are. 

In the Philippines, Webplay Virtual Experience by Waveplay Interactive offers the most convenient virtual event tool. Webplay ( is an online platform that offers everything you need from registration, video/live stream with polling and Q&A, chatroom, virtual photo booths, and virtual video booths, and even provides your brand with custom-made interactive games that suit your campaign. This is a browser-based experience so there is no need to download any application or software.  Webplay also has security access features to ensure the privacy of your participants.


  • Be innovative.


Do not hesitate to try out new things and for online events, the trendiest is augmented reality. Augmented reality experiences are more memorable and more engaging than their non-AR counterparts. For your virtual event needs, Waveplay Interactive offers Webplay AR, a web-based augmented reality tool. With Webplay AR (, you can deliver an invite, present your product, create interactive games, and many more. It is fully customizable with no apps needed to be downloaded. With just a click, your audience will be directed to an AR experience.


  • Get help.


Organizing an event can be a bit overwhelming but no need to worry. A small research will go a long way. Make time to attend virtual events yourself and take note of the important things that you would want to do for your own. We at Waveplay Interactive are more than willing to assist with your needs.