StyleBOT: Waveplay has it for your hybrid event

It is not only the Metaverse that is fast trending in the event world these days. Here in the Philippines, event organizers are after the popular glam booth and StyleBOT. They know how these features can turn any hybrid event more magical for their guests.

Of course, Waveplay Interactive knows what hybrid events in the Philippines need. For this reason, we have designed a number of products and services that will meet or even succeed organizers’ expectations. Aside from our newest Metaverse platform, here are some of the Waveplay services that make the StyleBOT a reality:

  1. Vogue Cam

One of the favorites from 360 Selfie, this glam booth can turn your hybrid event into a mini Hollywood. Being inspired by E! GlamBot from the Grammy’s, it will give your guests the thrill with its customizable videos. These videos are branded, so they are strategic for marketing your sponsors’ businesses. These instant videos are shareable too. Thus, they can be great memorabilia.

  1. GlamShot Infinity

Another popular glam booth from Waveplay Interactive is no other than GlamShot Infinity. What makes this infinity video booth totally a hit is its immersive features. This world-class service is based on hip Japanese digital art museums. The photo and video outputs are produced in cinematic excellence. They are also customizable and brandable, plus they can be sent to the participants on-site.

  1. Runway Studio

Your guests do not have to wait for the Metaverse to experience being brand ambassadors. With Runway Studio, they can be models in a digital catwalk. Runway Studio is completely brandable and customizable. The guests will receive real-time outputs, which are easily shareable. This is great for travel, technology, beauty, clothing, and lifestyle brands. You can also use this for awards nights, corporate events, and other special events.

  1. Brandlens

One of the newest crazes from Waveplay Interactive is Brandlens, which is in demand for its TikTok-style challenges. It is also a big help if you want some online auditions or user-generated video competitions from your guests. Brandlens outputs are customizable and shareable on social media. This service can be used as a contactless activity for your hybrid events.

Bringing Glam and Style to a Higher Level

Waveplay Interactive will never stop producing services and products that will upgrade virtual and hybrid events in the Philippines. Expect more glam booths and StyleBOTs from us in the next few years to come. We will make StyleBOT a trend, together with our newest Metaverse Platform, Heiio 2D Metaverse. Check it out too!