Revolutionizing Engagement: Waveplay Interactive’s Newest Digital Fabrication Services

In the world of interactive displays and events, Waveplay Interactive emerges as a pioneer, introducing cutting-edge technologies to elevate brand experiences. Among our latest offerings are innovative solutions such as Clear Touch, Showcase, Borderless Immersive LED Cube, Brand Claw, and Interactive Table.


1. Clear Touch: Upgrading Interaction

Clear Touch stands as a testament to Waveplay Interactive‘s commitment to innovation. This holographic touchscreen technology opens doors to interactive displays, whether for gamification or informative purposes. The versatility of the Clear Touch table allows tailored journeys, presenting brand highlights, innovative AVPs, or engaging knowledge quizzes with ease. Connected to a secondary display, it offers seamless interaction, reacting to swipes and gestures from the table toward the larger LED wall or TV screen.


2. Showcase: Elevating Product Display

For retail activities, interactive events, and activations, the Showcase proves to be a game-changer. It transforms product displays into dynamic and captivating experiences, tailored to each brand’s story. Beyond visual spectacles, the Showcase integrates touchscreen capabilities, enabling interactive and gamified content that enhances customer engagement and brand immersion.


3. Borderless Immersive LED Cube: A Visual Extravaganza

Step into the Borderless Immersive LED Cube, a realm of visual splendor perfect for social media posts and brand activations. This experiential LED wall backdrop boasts custom motion graphics, a sizable 3×3 meter LED cube, a mirrored ceiling, and a sleek black cloth outer cover. With an option to upgrade to a sintra-printed outer cover, it ensures an unparalleled aesthetic appeal that resonates with modern audiences.


4. Brand Claw: Reinventing Interaction

Motion games will never be obsolete, right? Innovating the crowd-favorite Claw Machine, Waveplay introduces the Brand Claw – a fusion of interactive technology and instant gratification. Unlike traditional claw machines, it’s unlocked by completing custom-branded games or activities. Moreover, its physical elements are entirely brandable, offering a cohesive brand experience that enhances sampling, booth interactions, and lead generation at events and activations.


5. Interactive Table: Unveiling Detailed Information

Redefining product presentations, the Interactive Table invites guests to engage with labeled cubes to access detailed information effortlessly. Ideal for detailers, product/service presentations, and booth activities, this unique installation fosters interactive displays and experiences that leave a lasting impression.


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In a world where audience engagement is paramount, Waveplay Interactive‘s Digital Fabrication services offer unparalleled opportunities for brands to captivate, educate, and connect with their audiences in unforgettable ways. As technology continues to evolve, Waveplay remains at the forefront, shaping the future of interactive events.

Ready to elevate your brand experience with Waveplay Interactive‘s innovative digital fabrication services? Let’s collaborate to create immersive experiences through our motion games and interactive displays that resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impression. Reach out now to unlock the potential of cutting-edge technology in enhancing your brand’s presence.