Online Events: What to do Before, During and After

As businesses and event organizers are increasingly relying on digital tools nowadays, it is important to create a link between the online and physical world to maximize the engagement. A successful online event is more than just downloading a streaming application. It involves meticulous planning and we have here some tips to provide your audience a meaningful and extraordinary virtual event experience. 

Before. Choose the right partner because not all provider of virtual events offers the same benefits. Lay down what you need and plan ahead of time so you can talk about your it during the meeting. What is important is that the virtual event space should be able to deliver your brand’s goals and vision. In the Philippines, Waveplay Interactive is the leading partner for virtual events. With Webplay Virtual Experience (, you can have a custom built virtual experience crafted according to your needs. It has all the features that you need from registration, video/livestream viewing and interactive games. 

During. Your primary concerns during an online event are the safety of your participants and their engagement. If you want to ensure that the privacy of your participants are protected, Webplay Virtual Experience ( has security features such as restricting access only to specified people as well as passwords and pre-approved digits. Through this way, you can be assured that there no strangers within the room. 

The distraction when someone is on their computer or mobile is even higher so you need to keep your attendees engaged. One of the ways that you can encourage focus and attention is through live polling and online quizzes with prices given to the winners. Use breakaway sessions for smaller groups and allow them to discuss ideas or create a live content presentation. The duration of the event is also important. A person’s attention span can only do so much so do not make your event last for more than four hours. 

After. To keep the momentum even after your online event, make sure to follow up on social media. Webplay Virtual Experience has a feature where your audience can share their experience on Facebook. Encourage your participants to share and maybe give out tokens for those who will. Use a hashtag when posting photos and snippets and make some contents public if the content is not sensitive. Lastly, do not forget to extend your gratitude to your participants.