Features of Hybrid and Virtual Events that Elevates Event Experience

Hybrid events and virtual events are essential part of the new normal in the event industry. These platforms are not just webinar tools. They are full-service platforms used for a variety of services such as event production, content sharing, speaker presentation and streaming. Aside from this, the following are features that can be found in hybrid and virtual events which make it convenient, practical and ideal for your next online event. 

Exhibits and Sponsorship

You can include exhibitors and sponsors for your virtual and hybrid event. With virtual exhibit halls, they will be able to attract the attention of the attendees and maximize their exposure during your event. Allow them to post special offers because participants love to visit exhibit halls that are not one-dimensional. Check out how the 2021 PCCP Virtual Convention featured their sponsors in their virtual exhibit halls. 

Virtual Booths

To attract more investors and sponsors, hybrid events are also able to feature virtual booths. Virtual booths are designated areas where your sponsors and exhibitors can meet with attendees to discuss and showcase their products and services to the attendees. They can also prepare representatives that can engage with attendees real-time via in-platform video calls, or live chat. Platforms such as Webplay can also customize features to replicate on ground booth activities like selling, games, and photobooths.

360-degree Interactive Lobbies

Make your large-scale events easy to navigate with 360-degree interactive lobbies. These lobbies have virtual clickable hotspots that will lead your attendees to different rooms, halls and virtual spaces of their choice.  This adds layers to big venues such as medical conferences, tech conventions that require a number of function rooms, networking, and booths. The PCCP Red Pulmo Convention featured 360 virtual lobby powered by Webplay. 

Virtual Photo Booths

Photobooths are vital in every event, yes even in virtual ones. Your participants can take photos in virtual photo booths, complete with customized frames and filters, background changing or chroma effects, downloadable and readily shareable on social media. You can also set up mosaic walls where photos taken can be posted as a way to commemorate the whole event.  

Q&A Sessions

Give your participants the opportunity to ask questions and get responses from speakers during presentations. A hybrid event should pay special attention to online participants so that their questions can also be taken during the general Q&A sessions. 

Live Poll

Polls are the organizer’s way to engage with the audience regularly during the event. Event hosts can poll the audience about their event experience, their opinion on the session topic, or use the poll as a survey tool.


A virtual event is not complete without games and these are also fun ice breakers. These are fun activities and competitions that will keep your participants engaged. Not only does it break the monotonous tone of standard talks but also significantly adds to the overall event interaction.  

Networking Lounges

One reason why people attend different evetns is to establish connection and networks. A virtual or hybrid event should therefore provide an opportunity to connect the participants, speakers, organizer and sponsors. Networking lounges allow such opportunity. With substantial basic information provided, participants can network via live chat, 1:1 video call, group chats and discussion forums.

All of these and more are offered by Webplay Virtual Events, a leader in interactive event experiences in the Philippines. Contact us now to know more.