Exhibit Halls and Virtual Halls, What can it Offer You?

Exhibitors are an essential part of on-the-ground events and without a conference floor or physical booths to talk to attendees and demonstrate services, how can participants get the same experience as before? Fortunately, the transition to virtual and hybrid platforms proved helpful in incorporating exhibitors amidst the pandemic. With Webplay Virtual Events, you can bring your exhibitors and sponsors to your online events by enabling them to set up their own virtual booth in an exhibit hall. Even if your attendees cannot physically walk through exhibit halls to visit different booths, they can still check it virtually through centralized exhibit halls. 

Exhibitor profiles can be displayed and interaction with representatives can be made possible so the attendees can ask questions and get more information. Some virtual platforms have built in exhibition halls available which attendees can ‘visit’ and interact with, creating new relationships and offering targeted exposure.

The virtual halls serve as an entry point for your online event. This is where attendees can familiarize themselves with the interface and have a brief overview of the whole activity. Virtual halls also serve as the navigation center. From here, you can assign buttons as portals to other areas and activities of the event. Your attendees can access all other areas of the event such as such as keynote theater with video presentations, exhibition hall with virtual booths, research and networking lounges and even photobooths. Check out the PMA Virtual Convention to see how the virtual hall is organized to be user-friendly, even for non-techy participants. 

Just like the PCCP Red Pulmo Convention, your virtual event can also feature an interactive 360‐degree lobby which welcomes participants with ready‐to‐click hotspots that lead them to different virtual halls and rooms. With the help of a schedule assistant, the participants are able to keep track of their sessions, making it more convenient. Sponsor booths, research halls, networking lounges and photo booths are also available in the virtual platform, emulating an on the ground convention.

With virtual and hybrid events, you can now bring your main halls and exhibit halls online. Platforms like Webplay feature virtual halls and exhibit halls in the Philippines that allow participants to navigate through the virtual space. For more details, contact us at Wavelay Interactive. We’d be happy to share our expertise with you to help you make the best decisions to meet your event-related goals.