Creative Technologies for your Virtual Events

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Prior to the lockdown, a virtual event most likely meant a webinar to the majority. This probably involved sitting through hours of static slides being read by a speaker and listening to only one person at a time. There might have been a question-and-answer portion at the end, but the audience interaction was still very minimal. Throughout the pandemic, virtual events then evolved to incorporate sophisticated production values, seamless links between live and pre-recorded video, online chats, and other interactive elements. This technology has long been present but the whole transition to online events due to the pandemic allowed more innovations to come through.  Nowadays, virtual events have become the cutting edge of interactive, live video marketing and activities. 

With the increase in demand for engaging virtual events, it can be challenging to look for the one that suits your event. One of the biggest challenges for event organizers is keeping the attendee’s attention, especially when distractions are only one click away when they are online. Event planners need to consider how the digital format affects their content. It is important to conduct a virtual event that features creative technology.

To keep your attendees interested, engage them through multiple interactive features such as questionnaires, polls, quizzes and many more. For more creative content, you will need to think outside the box. For example, you can keep your attendee’s attention with creative virtual set designs, engaging content and quality video, camera angles, lighting and audio. 

Waveplay Interactive through Webplay Virtual Events makes it possible to incorporate creative technology into your online events. We provide innovative technological solutions to host and stream cutting-edge, fully interactive virtual or hybrid events. The virtual event platform is available to any clients looking to break new ground in the digital sphere and activate new solutions to convert their next online event into a remarkable one. 

See some of our works for:


Who x World TB Day

TV5 Trade Launch

and many more. Other than creative technologies, Webplay Virtual Events also offers an entirely browser based experience without the need to install any applications. It can also be navigated using different devices such as laptops, tablets, IOS and even Android phones for your participants’ convenience. It is fully immersive and interactive and is the most ideal way to give your participants a unique online experience in this era of new normal. 

Unlock the potential of your next events in 2021 and beyond with the help of Webplay Virtual Events. We pride ourselves on working with clients to bring their creative visions to life. If you have an idea in mind for your next online event, contact us