Bring Your Exhibit Halls Online with Webplay

Hybrid events are a combination of in-person and virtual events. They are live events that can also be experienced digitally. With hybrid event platforms in the Philippines like Webplay Virtual Events, you are offering the best of both the online and offline world to your participants. 

Each part of a hybrid event can be designed and personalized according to the demands of the client and the needs of the attendees. With hybrid events, your virtual audience can explore your content and create new linkages, from the convenience of their homes. Fortunately, advanced technology makes hybrid events not only possible but as interactive and engaging online as it is in a physical event. 

The exhibit hall is a familiar and a well-loved feature of any on the ground conference. In exhibit halls, you will see the exhibitors name and logo, a company profile, contact details and other information the exhibitor wants to share. With hybrid events, you can now bring your exhibit halls online. In the Philippines, more sophisticated virtual event platforms like Webplay feature virtual halls and exhibit halls that allow participants to navigate  through the virtual space to access the exhibitor’s profile. The virtual booth can include videos, product information, downloads, staff profiles and office locations. 

Sponsors and exhibitors have an opportunity to attract prospects and communicate their offers in exhibit and virtual halls. As the event organizer, you can customize your hall and create multiple booths based on a category, industries and/or fields. With this organization, your attendees can easily click to enter as many booths as they like. They can also live chat with the exhibitor representatives and directly receive answers to their queries. 

Virtual halls and exhibit halls create an avenue for quality communication between the attendees and representatives. This communication is direct, focused and personal thus eliminating the need for note-taking and laborious exchange of business cards. Virtual and hybrid event platforms like Webplay Virtual Events also offer customized booth designs according to the theme and goal of your event. 

 If you are looking for virtual halls and exhibit halls in the Philippines for your next event, contact us at Waveplay Interactive. To grasp the idea of how such virtual halls and exhibit halls look like in a virtual event platform, check out the 2021 Phoenix Sales Rally2021 PCCP Virtual Convention and 2020 PH Digicon