Benefits of Virtual Events

Event organizers are searching for new and innovative ways of bringing their events to life. This is the right time to start exploring the endless opportunities of virtual events and how it can help you in realizing your visions. What are the advantages of having online and virtual events? Read on to find out. 


  • Accessibility. 


The time as to when things will go back to normal is uncertain and the restrictions of large event gatherings are a compelling reason to start and plan virtual events over physical ones. A virtual event allows your consumers and participants to interact and explore your event from the convenience of their homes or wherever they are. 


  • Interactivity. 


Bring your products and services to life with augmented reality. AR places the users at the center of the experience. It also creates an engaging and immersive experience that is one of a kind. If you want to try augmented reality for your next virtual event, Webplay AR by Waveplay Interactive offers the best experience. With Webplay AR (, you can deliver an invite, present your product, create interactive games, and many more. It is fully customizable with no apps needed to be downloaded. This is a web-based experience and there is no need to install any apps or software which makes it more convenient. With just a click, you will be directed to an AR experience. 


  • Cost and time.


With virtual events, you can reduce the overall cost by doing away with staff, venue, set-up, and meal among others. The only thing that you would worry about is the cost of the virtual platform that you would utilize. Though virtual events are not without investment, you can still save  a significant amount of time.


  • Flexibility. 


The possibilities of online events are limitless and you have in control as to how you would like to make things happen. Webplay Virtual Experience ( by Waveplay Interactive offers this flexibility. It is a one-stop online platform that offers everything you need from registration, video/live stream with polling and Q&A, chatroom, virtual photo booths, and virtual video booths, and even provides your brand with custom-made interactive games that suit your campaign. Furthermore, this browser-based experience has security access features to ensure your privacy

Virtual and digital experiences will remain in demand even post-pandemic therefore it is a good idea to start it as early as now. Contact us at Waveplay Interactive