Why Try These Innovative Touch Screen Games and Technology for Your Events?

Waveplay Interactive is at the forefront of the digital gaming and interactive displays industry, continually pushing the envelope with our latest touch screen services. Our new offerings—Touch Screen Games, Make It Yours, Neoprint 2.0 Sticker Photos, Touch LED, and Tic Tac Throw—showcase our dedication to creating engaging interactive games and displays for both events and online platforms.

Our touch screen games provide an accessible and engaging experience for users. These digital games can be played online via mobile phones without the need for any downloads. At events, guests can interact with these games using Waveplay’s touch screens, making them ideal for compact spaces or activities that benefit from touch, drag, and slide interactions. Available in 32″, 42″, and 60″ touch screen TVs, these interactive games can be customized to suit any event’s requirements, ensuring a blend of entertainment and engagement.

Make It Yours is Waveplay Interactive’s creative solution for custom merchandise, integrating personalization with tech. This service involves a custom microsite where guests can design their own souvenir merchandise. The process is smooth, ending with an automated SMS notification when their personalized items are ready for collection. This unique service enhances events by providing guests with memorable, personalized keepsakes.

We revive the beloved 90s and Y2K photo experience with Neoprint 2.0 Sticker Photos. This interactive display is the only instant multi-photo sticker concept available at events in the Philippines. It features a customizable interface, background, and brandable frames, as well as LED scrolling text that can be personalized. Combining elements like doodling, stickers, GIFs, and email options, Neoprint 2.0 marries the nostalgic charm of Neoprint with contemporary Korean photo trends, offering a fun and engaging activity for event attendees.

  • Touch LED: Cutting-Edge Ribbon Cutting Technology

Touch LED is the ideal technology for digital ribbon-cutting ceremonies, detecting touch on LED wall surfaces to initiate grand reveals. Debuted in the Philippines at the Unionbank Innovation Festival, this technology was featured by President Bongbong Marcos and Unionbank CEO Edwin Bautista. Touch LED offers a sophisticated and interactive method for unveiling significant events or products, adding a modern twist to traditional ceremonies.

Waveplay Interactive presents Tic Tac Throw, a giant version of the classic Tic Tac Toe game played with throw foams. Premiering at the Alabang Town Center, this interactive multiplayer game is fully customizable, including the interface and throw foams. Tic Tac Throw provides a unique and engaging way for participants to interact and compete, making it an excellent choice for interactive games at events. 

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Yes, we will continue leading the way in digital games and interactive displays with our latest touch screen services. From the accessible Touch Screen Games and personalized Make It Yours merchandise to the nostalgic Neoprint 2.0 Sticker Photos and innovative Touch LED, and the interactive Tic Tac Throw, Waveplay Interactive is setting new standards for immersive and memorable experiences. These offerings captivate audiences and provide brands with unique opportunities to connect with their target markets, elevating the interactive event experience. 

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