Why Should You Have a Hologram Photo Booth in Your Next Event

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A photo booth doesn’t just have to be a “photo” booth…you can elevate it and create another level of experience for your participants. Ask anyone today about the one thing they look forward to the most in an event and a great photo as a memory is what they will come up with. In nine out of ten millennials, a good photo is on the top priority list for every event. 

As an event organizer, you are constantly seeking for new and innovative ways to create a buzz while at the same time maintaining the image of your company and brand. One of the ways to help you achieve this goal is through holographic photo booths.  Imagine looking at photos where images transition into another while you move them: this is what you can offer your participants; the nostalgia of holographic photos we used to enjoy so much in the past. Holographic photo booths allow you to have custom hologram-style photos that are fully brandable from the effects itself up to the frames. 

Give your guests an engaging experience with a hologram photo booth.

By offering a fun and creative experience with a hologram photo booth, your guests and participants are likely to stay entertained throughout! Standstill photo booths are a thing of yesterday, it’s high time for more creative ways of sharing memories. 

Push for creative social media content for your participants. 

Hologram photo booths have instant social media sharing options so your guests can capture and share their photos on social media right away. This is the most effective way of creating hype: people will inevitably trust your brand better when they hear it from an acquaintance. This means more exposure and free advertising for you. Your guests can share their hologram photo booth experience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep the memories going long after your event is over.