Why Photo Booths are a Game Changer for Your Events

Everyone loves to take photos and that’s a fact. In company and marketing events, the organizers need to make sure that the attendees are having the best time of their lives and one way to do this is by setting up photobooths. With changing times, the traditional photobooths have now been upgraded into something more creative and trendier.   Here are some reasons why photobooths are beneficial for your next event. 

It improves your social media visibility. Photobooths nowadays allow sharing on different social media platforms which is used by many. People would be able to add their own captions and include your brand name and brand hashtags.  This will improve your social media presence and expand your existing market because of increased engagement through likes, shares and comments. You can create your customized photobooths and even allow your guests to photobomb their favorite idol’s photo https://youtu.be/LeEiNAx-kFY 

It allows creativity. In order to give your guests the best experience, it is not enough to provide an old-fashioned photobooth. You need to think beyond the 2D image and embrace the latest trends. Social photobooths like Social Snaps by Waveplay Interactive https://youtu.be/Ostja3wIcx4 offers a roving video booth with augmented reality effects customized according to your brand and theme. Other than the instant video output, it also allows your guests to take the video right where they are, making it a perfect choice for events with large crowds like concerts, festivals and competitions. 

It provides opportunity for networking. When a large number of people line up for the photobooth, conversation will happen. This gives your guests an opportunity to talk and bond with each other. Moreover, event planners and hosts can also interact with the guests while promoting their products. 

It makes your event memorable. There is nothing more memorable than a downloadable and printable content as souvenirs. Through pooling of photos and videos online, you will also be able to preserve the memories for a longer period of time. 

Photo booths help a lot in sustaining the warm environment all throughout the event. Not only is it a good marketing tool but is also a practical way of promoting friendship and camaraderie.