Which Events Can Make Use of StyleBOT?

You might be asking what events should use the StyleBOT?  Surely, you have heard about the E! Glambot phenomenon at the Grammy’s, the one made popular by Cole Walliser. Well, Waveplay Interactive brings you its Philippine version – the StyleBOT, which helped the Preview Ball on its comeback. 

Yes, that’s right! StyleBOT is in the Philippines! While a glam booth could be useful at many events, some gatherings benefit more from its presence than others. Let us check out some of the instances in which you better use a StyleBOT. 

Fashion Events

Red carpet videos are well-liked for a reason. A StyleBOT on the red carpet excels at producing gorgeous videos that accentuate a person’s attire.

Elegant gowns, superbly cut suits, and sparkling jewels are all featured in StyleBOT videos. The StyleBOT can even narrow its attention to a particular piece of clothing or item that is on show. Additionally, editing enables the footage to slow down when a person makes a posture, or focus on highlighting an outfit.

For this reason, using a StyleBOT makes it ideal for satisfying designers. A designer wants all of the positive aspects of their garment to be visible when it is worn on the red carpet. This is accomplished in the StyleBOT-produced video.

Do you now know why StyleBOT is sometimes known as a red carpet robot? It is the ideal addition to essentially any occasion where a red carpet is a standard.

Events for Elite Clients

Glam booths are notable on the red carpet for yet another reason. The celebrity component is to blame for this. Have you heard about the recent Preview Ball which incorporated the StyleBOT experience?

Any event with a high-end clientele must find a way to stand out. This holds true regardless of whether these people are well-known figures, business executives, or celebrities. Whatever the event, as long as prominent people are present, people will be interested.

Elite attendees are present at many different events, though. They go to a variety of events, including benefit concerts, banquets, and award shows. Making a particular event stand out is even more crucial in light of the abundance of events now taking place.

This is where StyleBOT can enter the picture. It produces a one-of-a-kind experience that can be shared on all social media platforms and lasts forever. It both promotes the event and gives it a unique identity.

Let’s take a look at awards nights. People will share and become more interested in an event if they see great StyleBOT films of their favorite actors attending the awards show. Other award ceremonies can wind up getting much less attention on social media if they don’t deploy a StyleBOT.

Let’s Talk About It

If you are interested in setting up a StyleBOT for your upcoming fabulous event, just contact us at Waveplay Interactive. We’d love to help you organize the best party ever!