What else should you know about interactive and digital photobooths?

What else should you know about interactive and digital photobooths?

Interactive and digital photobooth setups are growing more in demand these days due to their wide array of features and customizability that can maximize brand recognition. Unlike the regular photobooths, interactive photobooths add more life and interactivity to the photos being taken, not to mention the fact that their users also have a great time.

But what else should you know about a digital photobooth? If you’re planning to use one for an event or brand campaign, then here are a few points to look at:

  1. You may custom design the augmented reality backdrops and props. Unlike normal photobooths where your brand is only limited as part of the photo frame overlay, interactive photobooths offer a wide variety of customization options that can present your brand.

A good example is to use your brand ambassador to pose with you. The brand ambassador is virtually interacting and posing with you.

Another example is the Boogie Me interactive photobooth.

Guests who tried this photobooth not only had their photos taken-they also had their heads digitally placed on top of virtual dancers and the overall experience and Boogie Me environment/characters can be custom made for your brand.

  1. You may incorporate games in the digital photobooth. Photobooths used together with games not only give a more value-added user experience but encourages more active participation for your target audience. Photobooths with game features are not yet as common, but they become very popular when installed in product launches, conventions, sales rallies, and school tours.

The “Hole in the Wall” interactive photobooth is perhaps one of the most popular digital photobooths in the Philippines

Inspired by the popular game show “Hole in the Wall”, guests will copy the pose being shown on screen as close as they can for a limited amount of time. Afterwards, a surprise photo of the guest doing the pose will be shown on screen with a background and props in relation to the pose.

  1. An interactive photobooth can give a new image to the brand or service you are promoting. One subliminal feature of digital and interactive photobooths is that they are able to project you brand and business without having to resort to hard selling. If you are doing a brand campaign and would like to reach out to your target audience, you leave a brand imprint in a fun and memorable way… plus remembrance through printed photos or photo magnets.

Digital and interactive photobooths come in various design setups. If you’re looking for a company that can tailor fit your creative ideas with digital photobooth check our Interactive and Digital Photobooth page.