Ways to Boost Events on Social Media

There are a lot of advantages that social media can offer for you and your brand including improving customer service, allowing communication and reaching new audiences. Social media is a powerful tool for event planners so you should use it to your fullest advantage. Here are some tips to boost your event through social media.


Create a hashtag

Come up with a hashtag that is short, unique and easy to understand. Hashtags are an easy way for you and your guests to track your event across all social media platforms. During the event, make sure that your hashtag is visible by including it in handouts and displaying it on your screens. Encourage your co-planners and guests to use the same hashtag when sharing photos and videos through social media.   A unique hashtag for your event will enhance social media buzz and increase engagement.



The Fear of Missing Out. Yup, it’s a thing and you should use it to your advantage. Build anticipation by posting sneak peeks of the exciting surprises you have in store. Post about your free giveaways and feature your special guests and speakers. You can also simply snap a photo of your event preparations and share it with your followers. Have people share or comment to participate in a social media contest to increase engagement.


Interaction is the Key.

Engaging with your audience is an effective way of promoting your event and your brand. Track your hashtag through social media platforms and start replying to anyone who is using it. Respond and give praises. It also helps in addressing any concerns about your event.


Social photo and video booths.

Provide instagrammable experiences which allow your guests to take photos and post-worthy social media videos featuring your brand. This will increase your social media leverage and the great thing is that your guests become your own ambassadors. 360 Selfie PH give number of exciting interactive ideas to choose from. For an upgrade of your classic photo booth, choose the 360 Selfie SloMo Video Booth or dubbed as the Glambot of the Philippines.

Glamshot Infinity is a one-of-a-kind prismatic video booth that showcases guests in glamorous, moving kaleidoscopic shots, while Glamshot Infinity gives your guests the immersive experience of the digital art museums in Japan like teamLab Borderless.

Other exciting services that you can choose from include Holo Foto, Copycam, and Runway Studio.

So there you have it. Some tips on how to maximize your event’s reach on social media.