Virtual Reality as the Future of Marketing in the Philippines

Virtual Reality as the Future of Marketing in the Philippines

Virtual Reality

For many years, virtual reality has been nothing but a prototype of ingenuity; these days, however, it is now crossing the line from being a just a sample, into a technology of purpose, and in this case, custom entertainment.

Virtual reality (VR) has always been a favourite feature topic in various discussions. Since it was first developed, a lot of businesses have been trying to put it into the market for a specific use, and it became popular in the world of gaming and certain technical education applications. But did you know that VR is now becoming a popular form of marketing, too?

The objective of VR

In VR, the main goal is to bring the user into a controlled type of reality wherein he or she can interact with space and the objects in it, just like in a real life setting. Through the use of special equipment, the user must be able to utilize his or her senses such as sight, hearing, and touch, while under the virtual environment. The user also takes control of the situation in the VR setting, depending on how the structure is built.

The rise of VR as an interactive marketing platform

During the recent years, tech companies have been working on virtual reality applications, this time, to provide the public with custom-made entertainment. The concept and structure remain the same in terms of hardware setup, but the environments can now be changed by means of user controls. For example, VR startups such as the US-based company Candyland, have developed lifestyle-inspired virtual reality environments in which users can explore. These include home interior settings where users can mix and match the colours and styles of the furniture, flooring, and other parts of the house. Users may also tour the interiors like they do in real life, and may choose different backdrops based on the options available to them.

Virtual Reality in the Philippines

In the Philippines, virtual reality is now becoming a valuable tool for marketing experiences, and Waveplay Interactive is ready to take on your Virtual Reality challenge for events, activations, showrooms, marketing, and advertising. Interested parties may contact Waveplay Interactive for custom-designed VR applications, which can be used for virtual reality games, virtual reality (VR) branded immersions and more.

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