Upgrade Your Events with Waveplay Interactive

We are in a new age of digitization where innovation, artificial intelligence, is becoming a new standard in businesses. To engaging your tech savvy consumers, you need to amaze them with experiences they’ve never tried before. In order to be more effective in your campaign and marketing, you should make your event activities more interactive and engaging to your target audience. Through user experience and interaction, people will get to know more about your brand and your product.  In the Philippines, Waveplay Interactive offers unique and fun interactive gimmicks that will surely create hype for your events.

One of the most popular setups for brand events, sales rallies, and activations is the Motion Game. Your guests can experience your brand by moving their arms, legs and body to control a motion activated activity. Games like these can be tailor made according to your brand’s messaging and can be played by an individual or a crowd which makes it more entertaining. You can also incorporate data gathering into the game. Below are some case studies for Topshop and Mcdonalds Kiddie Crew Graduation.



Another way to entertain your guests is through Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality can create an immersive experience between your brand and your end users. Match that with a video souvenir and your guests become your social media ambassadors as they post it on their social media accounts. Here’s a great case study executed by Waveplay Interactive for Ayala Malls Market Market’s Lion King Premiere.


First impression matters so it is important to impress your guests even from the foyer. Transform your foyer into an exciting interactive area through the Wall Alive, Sketch to Life, and Interactive Floor. These innovations are perfect for celebrating historical milestones, launching a product, opening of establishments and museums and many more. 


Wall Alive is a fully customizable technology that will allow your guests to learn more about your company and brand by tapping on parts of an interactive wall to reveal facts and other information. In the DOT campaign It’s More Fun in the Philippines, they used the Wall Alive Interactive Wall to give guests a taste of what the Philippines has to offer, coupled with an Augmented Reality photo taking experience that will take them to the Philippines!



Sketch to Life meanwhile gives the guests a real time mural where they can color, or write their messages which instantly translates onto an animated masterpiece straight from their paper.



This interactive floor execution for Game of Thrones, HBO, and Sky Cable, produced by Waveplay Interactive, lets guests experience how it’s like to be the elusive Night King.


As a brand, it is important to give your target market an experience that will never forget. Waveplay Interactive is here to help you with this endeavor. From Augmented Reality, Motion Games, Interactive Displays, Interactive Videobooths and Photobooths, touch screens, Wall Alive, Sketch to Life and much more, we’re your team! Feel free to give us a call and check out our other services.