Unlock the Luck with The Lucky Vault: Incentivizing Guests to Complete Activities

Engaging guests and ensuring their active participation in events and activities can be a challenge. However, with the Lucky Vault program developed by Waveplay Interactive, event organizers can now incentivize their guests to complete all activities and boost overall engagement.

By unlocking badges and receiving a unique code, participants get the opportunity to test their luck and win exciting prizes. This article explores three notable projects and collaborations with popular companies that utilized the Lucky Vault program to enhance guest experiences and maximize participation.

#1: Yamaha x Hybrid Registration with Lucky Vault

Yamaha, a renowned brand, partnered with Waveplay Interactive to create a seamless pre-event experience that began with hybrid registration. This touchless registration process allowed invited guests to conveniently sign up for the event using their smartphones

Upon successful registration, guests received a code that they could enter into the Lucky Vault for a chance to win Yamaha products. This integration of technology not only enhanced the registration process but also encouraged attendees to explore the Lucky Vault for exciting prizes.

#2: Penshoppe x The Lucky Vault

In another collaboration, Penshoppe joined forces with Waveplay Interactive to offer an interactive experience through the Lucky Vault. Attendees were encouraged to try their luck and win exclusive Penshoppe products and merchandise.

By leveraging the Lucky Vault program, participants engaged in an immersive and gamified activity, creating a memorable experience. The seamless integration of technology and branded content amplified brand awareness and generated excitement among attendees.

#3: Globe VH Aurora Music Fest x The Lucky Vault

The Globe VH Aurora Music Fest, in collaboration with Alphabet Soup Inc., combined on-ground and online activities to create an immersive event experience. Guests who completed the activities at the Globe Virtual Hangouts Metaverse Space had the opportunity to win prizes through the Lucky Vault.

By utilizing the Lucky Vault program created by the metaverse supplier in the Philippines, Waveplay Interactive, participants were engaged on multiple levels, resulting in higher levels of participation and excitement. This integrated approach allowed the event organizers to collect valuable data and insights through Lucky Vault’s analytics feature.

Lucky Vault—An Innovative Solution

The Lucky Vault program developed by Waveplay Interactive presents an innovative solution for incentivizing guests to actively participate in events and activities. By incorporating this gamified experience into various collaborations, such as Yamaha, Penshoppe, and the Globe VH Aurora Music Fest, event organizers have successfully increased engagement and provided attendees with a chance to win exciting prizes.

With this program, event organizers in the Philippines can integrate this work with big monitors or interactive displays. Interactive displays, like immersive LED Cubes, 3D LED, and anamorphic billboards, can help interactive events engaging to guests.

The Lucky Vault’s seamless integration with existing on-ground and online activities, coupled with its data-gathering capabilities, makes it a valuable tool for creating immersive and interactive experiences. As technology continues to evolve, programs like the Lucky Vault offer endless possibilities for enhancing guest engagement and elevating event experiences.