Touchless Events during Social Distancing

The main concern of companies and brands nowadays is staying connected with prospects and consumers during social distancing. With social distancing keeping people physically apart, it may seem difficult to make meaningful connections with clients and customers, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some touchless or contactless event ideas you can try for your events and your brand. 

1.Augmented reality. Almost everyone is online nowadays so it is important to maintain a strong digital presence. Consumers are spending more time on different platforms for entertainment and they are also using social media in order to remain connected with the outside world. Consequently, you can use these platforms as a means to market your brand and your product. In using social media, it is important to be creative and innovative. The latest trend nowadays is by using augmented reality (AR). Whether it’s a fancy branded Instagram/ Facebook filter or a quirky game, upgrade your social media presence by using Waveplay Interactive’s AR (augmented reality) Instagram and Facebook filters. These custom made filters can be instantly shared, increasing your audience reach and engagement. 

   2.Web games. What better way to engage your audience than with games? Web Games by Waveplay Interactive is the perfect way of educating your consumers through play, wherever they may be. With games that work via click, touch, drag or slide, you will never worry about how to capture the attention of your users. It is fully customizable and entertaining, and can work as a standalone engagement or as part of your own virtual event space.

3.Virtual Venue. If you are looking for an alternative to mass gathering and big events during this coronavirus outbreak, Webplay Virtual Events is the best option. This fully customizable online platform provides everything you need from registration, video/livestream with polling and Q&A, chatroom, virtual photo booths and virtual video booths, and even provides your brand with custom-made interactive games that suit your campaign. By removing the physical, financial, and logistical barriers that discourage people to attend a live, in-person event, Webplay Virtual Events is the perfect platform in delivering touchless events. You are able to maximize the number of people you communicate with around the world, while at the same time ensuring their safety. To take it a step further, research shows that even when we reach the post-pandemic phase, hybrid and virtual events will continue to have a place in the market. 

All these ideas can be translated to on ground events via QR code that guests can scan to trigger these activities on their phones. 

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