Tips for Your Online Event During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic halts a large chunk of face to face events nowadays and this poses a challenge for brands and event organizers. Some events have been postponed or have been canceled for good. While it’s unclear when things will settle down to an almost normal state, there are still opportunities for you to maximize online events and use it to your advantage. Here are some tips to consider when planning digital events in the Philippines amidst COVID-19.

  • Redefine your business goal. Is your brand message still relevant at a time of crisis?  Reassess the goal of your business and realign your marketing strategy accordingly. Know the current trends and ride with them. During this pandemic, data analysis and reporting are crucial for your brand to not get left behind. 
  • Bring your event online. Digital events have been perceived as boring before but there has been a lot of opportunities to improve them. As brands are forced to cancel physical events, platforms like Webplay Virtual Experience has created digital versions of events that are equally engaging and interactive. Have an all-in online event Webplay Virtual Experience from registration, live stream viewing and interactive games, and other features that can be tailored according to your needs. Furthermore, these online events have restricted access that allows you to protect your privacy. 
  • Define your market. In order to have an effective campaign, identify your market first because your strategy will depend on it. For example, for a family brand whose target mostly concerns parents and children, you can use branded innovative educational games and produce regular content each week for them. Virtual marketing like Waveplay Interactive’s Play and Learn ​(​) is an effective example of a digital event that is both innovative and productive. 
  • Create an online experience for your customers. It is easy to come up with an entirely new experience relevant to your service and imagination is the only limit. A good addition to your virtual events is the Live Virtual Puppet ( from Waveplay Interactive. Entertain your audience with these fun virtual events and make it memorable for them. 
  • Improve your social media reach. If you are targeting a younger customer base, your online campaign should include social media platforms. Upgrade your social media presence by using Waveplay Interactive’s Augmented Reality (AR) Instagram and Facebook filters (  that people can play from their social media accounts. These customizable filters can be instantly shared, increasing your audience’s reach as well as engaging other people to participate.