The Ultimate Hamilton Experience with Holo Foto

Hey there, fellow Hamilfans! We know you can’t get enough of the revolutionary world of Hamilton, and guess what? We’ve got something extra special just for you—the Hamilton Holo Foto experience!

Imagine a place where you can relive your favorite scenes from the Hamilton movie and take home a piece of the magic. Well, your dream has come true at the Union Lounge, where we’ve set up a daily Holo Foto booth just for you.

The Holo Foto Magic

Our team, Waveplay Interactive, has created many different interactive photo booths designed for a specific brand. Holo Foto magic is one of the special technology effects that Waveplay Interactive offers to its clients. As a metaverse supplier in the Philippines, we make the brand’s visions possible.


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For Hamilton fans, step into our immersive video and interactive photo booth and watch as Hamilton’s most iconic scenes come to life around you. Pose with your favorite characters, recreate unforgettable scenes, and let our event technology unfold. Our augmented reality technology captures your experience in stunning holographic photos that you can cherish forever.

Why You Can’t Miss It?

If you are a Hamilton fan, you should not miss attending this experiential event. Here are the following benefits that you will get:

1. Free Holo Foto Every Day:

Yes, you heard it right! We believe that there is more magic in spreading the love for Hamilton. So, every visitor gets a complimentary Holo Foto to take home.

Dive deep into the world of Hamilton like never before. Our video booth brings the musical to life, allowing you to participate in the revolution.

2. Perfect Mementos 

These holographic photos aren’t just pictures; they’re timeless mementos of your Hamilton journey. Display them proudly, and let them transport you back to the magic of the stage.

Capture your Holo Foto moments and share them with the world. Connect with fellow Hamilfans, and let’s create a community bound by our love for this incredible musical.

Experience Hamilton!

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your friends, family, or fellow Hamilfans and head to The Union Lounge for a Hamilton experience. This isn’t just a photobooth; it’s a journey into the heart of Hamilton’s world.

Hamilton Holo foto booth is waiting for you! See you at the Union Lounge. This is available every day of the week, except Mondays. Don’t throw away your shot to be a part of this unforgettable experience!