The Perks of Digital Puppetry in Brand Marketing

The Perks of Digital Puppetry in Brand Marketing

What makes a brand stand out from its competitors? Well, if you look at things from a traditional perspective, you’d say it’s the quality of the brand that allows it to outshine the rest. True, but how do you add that kind of value to your brand at this age of interactive creativity?

If you are looking to give a more entertaining touch to your brand as you market it to your target audience, then why not check out digital puppetry? A type of interactive creativity, digital puppetry highlights user experience by your own brand mascot interacting with the audience real time.

So how does digital puppetry work when applied to brand marketing? Here are some things to check out:

  • Imagine a digital version of you brand mascot asking a little girl her name, age, and hobbies, and the mascot can converse, deliver adlibs according to how his conversation with the little girl goes. Because digital puppetry is a great tool for kids, it is perfect for school activations, and can also be used as an educational tool.
  • Digital puppetry enables you to create activities using the brand mascot. The digital brand mascot could host a parlor game, do Q&A’s, ask trivia questions, and play Bring Me! Your digital puppet can even sing or dance, depending on what kind of act you want him to do.
  • Digital puppetry can inform the audience about your product in a non-conventional manner. While digital puppetry involves a lot of adlibs, the session could follow a certain flow that highlights different aspects of your product in an entertaining way.
  • Digital puppetry can come in different formats. If you want to run a digital puppet show, you may choose between a 2D and 3D format. 2D digital puppets resemble a flat animated cartoon, but their voices and movements are controlled in real time. 3D puppets on the other hand can have more varied 360-degree movements.

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