Stand Out by using Augmented Reality in Your Events

Events are becoming more and more innovative and the goal nowadays for brands and event organizers is to stand out.  One way to do this is by introducing augmented reality in your events. It brings about a positive impact by increasing client interaction, engagement, as well as traffic. The overarching theme of augmented reality for events is to differentiate your brand from the competition.

Augmented reality gives the ability to put the digital into the real world and transforms how brands interact with consumers in their everyday life. A company’s best way to experiment with technology is to use opportunities that have a measurable impact for evaluation. Events and experiential marketing such as augmented reality are the ideal step for every brand.

Here are several reasons why you should start using AR in your events.

Bring the experience to your audience

The interactive nature of augmented reality allows your audience to explore your brand and have another level of understanding with regards to viewing your product’s features.


Drive traffic to your event.

The success of your event largely depends on the amount of people you will be able to attract. An interesting twist like using AR in your booth will capture the attention of onlookers and encourage them to participate. AR is still a novelty for many people and the magic has yet to wear off. Check out the Globe x Star Wars motion game by Philippine interactive agency called Waveplay Interactive, created not only for fans but for non-fans alike. This motion game was way too fun to be missed out by the participants.

Create a buzz on social media.

Social media engagement is vital and is one of the most useful metrics used when promoting your brand. Augmented reality can boost engagement levels by creating a buzz on social media where your participants can share their amazing experiences as well as encourage others to interact with the content.

It encourages friendship.

Unlike other events, augmented reality tends to be enjoyed by a group of people rather than by an individual alone. It brings out a sense of friendship, sharing and celebration.

It makes you stand out.

In a battle for brand recognition, AR can set your brand apart. It shows that you are willing to go beyond the ordinary and people will pay attention to the one that stands out. Craft your image as creative and unique and boost your marketing strategy.