Metaverse Spaces: Launching Soon

The past years have seen an uptrend in interests about the metaverse and crypto. In addition, big companies are producing their own metaverse platform to be part of the upcoming global trend. 

Waveplay Interactive is readying metaverse spaces of its own, customizable and brandable as stand alone immersive spaces, or integrated into the Webplay virtual event platforms. 

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is not an online game or an ecommerce site. Instead, it is a created universe—and online one—that is beyond the physical space. It is an environment where users can socialize, learn, work, shop, and be entertained—all in 3D. 

Some Features

Meta has several features that you should know about. This will help you realize how a hybrid or virtual event can be more successful on a metaverse platform. Check out some of these features:

  1. Digital avatars

People who are following meta’s development are excited for its digital avatars. Yes, you can have a virtual version of yourself in this universe! These digital beings will be capable of expressing feelings and emotions in an unusual way. Users can choose between their exact replicas or their favorite celebrity icon. These avatars are highly customizable, and they can be used for games too. Imagine if all humans from different parts of the globe can interact with everyone and anywhere in the metaverse. 

  1. Infrastructure

In the next years to come, expect 5G towers to be rising all around us. For metaverse to be a reality, we need ultrafast internet speeds, with very low latency and greater capacity. 

  1. Hardware

How are we going to access the metaverse and interact with other avatars? One is through the highly anticipated Virtual Reality headsets. However, creative technologists are also developing apps for smartphones, computers, and tablets so they can be portals to the metaverse as well. 

Virtual Events in the Metaverse

Metaverse is inevitable. For this reason, the multi-awarded Waveplay Interactive is upgrading as well. We will help our clients bring their hybrid and virtual events to a higher level. Together with our other products and services, we are confident that our metaverse platform will help the virtual and hybrid events in the Philippines compete globally.