Metaverse Benefits: Why Hybrid Events Need Them

Are you familiar with metaverse? It’s the inspiration behind the new name of the company that owns Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites we use. The Meta concept keeps rising in popularity and influence, and it even plays a big role in virtual or hybrid events in the Philippines.

With this emerging necessity to be in the newest trend, Waveplay Interactive, your trusted interactive event provider in the Philippines, is coming up with our own metaverse platform soon.

To help you realize the beauty of metaverse, here are some of its benefits:

  1. Enhanced online social interactions

Surely, you have appreciated the internet all the more during the quarantine periods. Through social media, like Facebook, people were still able to interact with others.

However, metaverse plans to improve virtual events and social interactions. Its goal is to come up with a more immersive creative technology that will allow netizens to have a more personal engagement with loved ones. Yes, concerts, parties, and even meetings can be done in the metaverse! This is great news for the organizers of virtual and hybrid events in the Philippines.

  1. Upgraded immersive experiences

Meta is like a 3D leveling-up of the traditional use of the internet. With the various aspects of the internet and the features it has, metaverse can provide a more immersive experience to users with various aspects of the internet and its features.

It means that users will be more enveloped in the activities they are part of.  Moreover, the metaverse allows more business and personal opportunities online. It means that users can socialize, exercise, conduct business meetings, or play games in a virtual setting.

  1. Improved work environment

Are you familiar with the infinite office concept that Mark Zuckerberg mentioned when metaverse was introduced? This infinite office is being developed to improve the work-from-home experience. It is meant to improve convenience and total productivity.

The work environment will surely upgrade to the highest level with the newest creative technology available. Expect that the metaverse will join forces with VR technology. So, yes, soon, WFH employees can already join their 3D virtual workplace using VR glasses while sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Joining the Bandwagon

We at Waveplay Interactive are excited to introduce our metaverse platform soon. We do not want to miss the advantages that meta offers the netizens. We believe this will greatly help organizers of virtual and hybrid events in the Philippines.

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