KTO Events: A Metaverse Experience of Skiing and Snowboarding

In collaboration with the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) and Eventscapemanila Inc., we have created two groundbreaking projects in the country. While bringing a fusion of metaverse space to winter sports, these projects create immersive experiences that brands like KTO never had.

The following are the two (2) experiential events that Waveplay Interactive created for the KTO:

#1 Winter Ski

The motion game Winter Ski of KTO showcases Waveplay’s prowess in blending technology with physical activities. As skiing enthusiasts don their gear, they are transported into a digital world through augmented reality (AR).


This motion game technology captures their skiing skills in real time, which shows an immersive experience that goes beyond the slopes. This interactive event, brought to life by our AI or artificial intelligence experts at Waveplay Interactive, not only promotes winter sports but also highlights the potential of augmented reality in engaging brand activations.

#2 Snowboarding

This Snowboarding project is an AR-powered motion game created by Waveplay Interactive for KTO. Guests who love snowboarding (referred to as “prospects”) are expected to join in this experiential event. 


As participants carve through virtual snow-capped mountains through this event, this motion game technology tracks their snowboarding moves, providing a delightful and memorable experience. The collaboration between KTO and Eventscapemanila Inc. demonstrates the seamless integration of digital elements into physical activities, offering a fresh perspective on experiential events.

Metaverse Blends With AI

As a metaverse supplier for interactive events in the Philippines, we continue to transform hybrid events into a fully new one. The blend of AI or artificial intelligence programming for events and technology enables the creation of hybrid events that transcend traditional boundaries.

In hybrid events, AI programmers play an important role in the success of the events. Waveplay Interactive emerged as a leading AI programming company that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in event technology. The two projects mentioned above show how interactive events can leverage AI to create unforgettable moments.

As the world embraces the metaverse, these projects by Waveplay Interactive help brands market their products through AI and augmented reality. The Winter Ski and Snowboarding projects not only promote winter sports in Korea but also set a precedent for the future of interactive events, where the boundaries between reality and virtuality become increasingly indistinguishable.