Interactive LED Wall Displays and Anamorphic Billboards

Interactive LED Wall Displays and Anamorphic Billboards are two popular forms of digital events that Waveplay Interactive uses to make an impact on its target audience. However, the two display types are very different in terms of their features, benefits, and applications.

Interactive LED Wall Displays

Interactive LED Wall Displays are large, wall-mounted screens that use solid-state LED technology to display content. They typically consist of a grid of LEDs, sometimes referred to as an LED cube, that is controlled by a computer. Immersive LEDs are able to change color and brightness in real-time, which allows for dynamic, interactive content to be displayed.

Interactive LED Wall Displays are ideal for interactive events, trade shows, and other public spaces where people can interact with the display through augmented reality. They can be used to display virtual event platforms that are engaging and interactive.

One of the benefits of Interactive LED Wall Displays is their ability to engage the audience. LED technology allows for dynamic and captivating content to be displayed, making it an ideal choice for virtual events like trade shows where guests look for entertainment and engagement. Because Interactive LED Wall Displays are wall-mounted, they can be placed in areas where people are most likely to see them, such as on busy thoroughfares or near entrances to hybrid events.

Anamorphic Billboards

Anamorphic Billboards are large-scale advertising displays that use a specialized technique to create a 3D illusion. They work by projecting an image on a flat surface while manipulating the perspective so that the image appears to be three-dimensional.

Anamorphic Billboards are a highly effective way to grab the attention of people passing by, as the 3D images are eye-catching and memorable. However, these technologies are passive displays. They do not allow for interaction with the audience.

Waveplay Interactive greatly uses Anamorphic Billboards because it makes a big impact on its target audience. The 3D illusion created by the billboards is eye-catching and memorable, which makes it\ an effective way to grab people’s attention. Because Anamorphic Billboards are passive displays, they are a great choice for outdoor advertising where people are passing by quickly and may not have time to interact with an interactive display.

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Waveplay Interactive is recognized for producing motion games and interactive photo booths using StyleBOT technology. The trend towards hybrid and immersive events has grown significantly and the metaverse supplier is responding by developing more advanced event technology, such as immersive LED displays and Anamorphic Billboards, to meet the needs of their audience. Let’s explore how these technologies can assist you.