Interactive Ideas for Successful Advertising Campaigns

Interactive experiences have penetrated almost all aspects of the lives of consumers and has helped in the advertising campaigns of many profitable companies. The following interactive event ideas have been generating buzz in Philippines– the Interactive Floor, Wall Alive Interactive Wall, Sound Games, Holo Foto, Sketch to Life, Bike Charger, Throw Wall, among others.  Many companies are now shifting to a fun tech or digital means to advertising their products and brands these customizable digital event experiences have become effective tools. What can having interactive digital experiences do for you and your events? Here are the top perks.


  • Provide your customers with fun and interactive entertainment.


There is something magical with having a never before seen innovation you can interact with, and one tailor made to deliver your brand message at that, like an interactive floor beneath your feet that comes to life upon moving, walking and stomping. Geared with sound, vibrant colors and unique visual effects, Interactive Floor by Waveplay Interactive offers your customers a different kind of fun unfolding right beneath their eyes. You can incorporate different concepts to make it more exciting. You can even take your customers into a different world just by walking on the floor just like this Game of Thrones-themed interactive floor. Convert your undeveloped and boring floor space into an unforgettable experience that will naturally attract the attention of the crowd.



  •  Communicate your message in a fun and memorable way.


Interactive Games are the perfect way to hook your audience. Humans are competitive in nature and are naturally drawn to challenges. With the use of hi tech immersive games, you can promote your brand in an engaging and exciting way. Here’s an example done by SM Fairview in the Philippines called the Largecade Throw Wall, produced by Philippine interactive company Waveplay Interactive. All the kids had the moment of their lives playing this one of a kind experience..



  • Entertain big groups at a time.


There’s a technology by Waveplay Interactive called the Waveplay Group Motion Gaming which allows you to create customized branded game played by as little as one person to as big as 1,000 people. The crowd controls the game by waving their hands up left and right, and instantly, you get to talk to all these people and connect your brand with them.


  1. Impress your guests starting at the foyer.

The foyer area is a big opportunity to wow your guests from the get-go. Whether you’re having an anniversary event, celebrating a historical milestone, launching a product, or having a medical convention, sharing tidbits of information is best done using the technology, Wall Alive. Wall Alive allows your guests to learn more about your company by tapping on different parts of the interactive wall and seeing the magic unfold before their very eyes.