Interactive Events that You Need to Try ASAP

Nowadays, the popularity of interactive events has soared because people want to experience something new more than anything else. From birthday parties to team-building events and opening ceremonies, people attend with the hope of enjoying themselves and connecting with one another. 

There are several ways for your guests to enjoy your events and an interactive photobooth is one of them. Waveplay Interactive has a wide variety of services that would cater to your needs. Inspired by music videos, Copycam is a first of its type in Philippine events that offer real-time replication of the subject, perfect for social media posting  Photobomb is another way to capture the attention of your participants because who would want to miss the chance of taking a photo with their favorite artists from Kpop to Hollywood? Check out this Photobomb with Itzy in an event You can have a space-efficient photobooth with Self Service Touch Screen Photobooth by Waveplay Interactive.  This user-friendly photobooth readily prints out photos for your guests and sends them the soft copy for upload in social media. 

Waveplay Interactive also offers touchscreen activities to entertain your guests. This is perfect for tight event spaces and as an alternative for activities/games that need elaborate set up. With activities and games that work via touch, drag or slide, you will never worry about how to keep your audience preoccupied. It’s fun, entertaining and it allows friendly interactions. Check out these touchscreen games

First impressions matter so it is important to impress your guests right upon their arrival. Make people stop on their track with Waveplay Interactive’s Wall Alive. This uses state of the art event technology in order to create an immersive experience that is both entertaining and educational. Transform your ordinary walls into an exciting interactive corner that is perfect for celebrating historical milestones, launching a product, opening of establishments and museums and many more. Wall Alive is a fully customizable technology that will allow your guests to learn more about your company and brand by tapping on parts of an interactive wall to reveal facts and other information. The best way to tell your brand’s story is through an innovative, engaging and innovative way like this