Innovative Event Ideas to Engage Your End Users

People nowadays love to take a snap of the important events in their lives and share it on social media. As Facebook and Instagram emerged, so did the desire to post elaborate and fun pictures as a souvenir. Taking photos has become a form of experiential marketing and with the advent of shareability through social media, it’s essentially a means of free advertising. This is because people do not just want to experience things in real life but they also would want to share these fun and unique moments with their family and friends. 

In a world where digitization is taking over, and artificial intelligence is leveling up, your event ideas must level up as well! If you want your business and events to keep up with the trend, you have to provide a personalized and one-of-a-kind experience for your guests. There are companies that specifically offer these kinds of activities in the Philippines such as Waveplay Interactive and 360 Selfie PH. 

If you want your guests to become your instant brand ambassadors, it is best to invest in innovative event ideas. One of the leaders of 360 video booths / photo booths today is 360 Selfie Slow Mo. They offer cinematic quality slow motion 360 videos complete with branding, motion graphics, music incoporated into a footage captured by a spinning 360-camera, reminiscent of E! GlamBot. This product has instant shareability feature which will increase the exposure for your brand.

When hosting an event, brands want guests to remember them long after the event is over. That’s where Holo Foto comes in. Holographic lenticular photos or Holo Foto are perfect for product launches, company sales rallies, influencer marketing, formal events, celebrity galas, and more. Holo Foto takes a photoshoot quality portrait of your guests with a lenticular output showing your brand alternating with their portrait. It’s also magnetized, so it’s something they will certainly keep hanging on their refrigerator everyday.

Another new digital experience in the Philippines is the Glamshot Infinity Booth. This Infinity Booth was recently featured in the Mega Pride Ball where stars like Vice Ganda, Janeena Chan, Lovi Poe, Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford, posed and shined against a kaleidoscopic infinity background, creating an immersive experience inspired by digital museums in Japan and Singapore like teamLab Borderless.

For fashionable and millennial targeted brands, 360 Selfie PH and Waveplay Interactive introduced another interactive video booth that will give them the instagrammable catwalk experience through the Runway Studio. Guests can walk and star in their very own runway moment featuring your very brand.

Augmented Reality experiences are perfect for families and friends and to immerse your end users into your brand’s story with a video souvenir take away, it’s going to make your brand very memorable. Just take a look at what Waveplay Interactive did for Ayala Malls Market Market’s Lion King premiere.

Now is the time to digitize if you want to be relevant. With these amazing event trends at your fingertips, you will surely get people talking. Remember that an important key to success is in social sharing which is a cost-effective way to market your brand and your products, with your guests as your own ambassadors.