Hybrid Events: What Event Techs To Use?

The most modern way to organize a hybrid event is to integrate modern and high-class technology, not only for event organizers but also for guests. Event organizers should make use of event technology to organize any type of digital event. While it ensures a fun gathering, it also invites guests to participate in all of the event’s activities.

Event Technology To Be Used in Hybrid Events

Technology is at the heart of hybrid events. But what kind of hybrid event technology do you use? From hybrid and virtual event platforms to venue technology, Waveplay Interactive would like to introduce Immersive LED technology designed for guests at all types of events.

What is Immersive LED technology?

Immersive LED technology is an efficient and versatile event technology that Waveplay Interactive has created for all types of hybrid events. Since LED technology has existed for a long period of time, this technology is not a typical LED wall like the other devices you see at typical events.

What makes it different from the others?

LED monitors may not be new in our country, but our new innovative program with the work of augmented reality is very modern. This Immersive LED technology from Waveplay Interactive results in an amusing and magical effect. Guests who may interact with our technology will feel like they really entered the digital world through its high-tech features and effects since these are touch-based and motion-based technologies.

Our LED interactive display can be used in different forms, depending on what you most need at your event. It can also be utilized with a 3D LED monitor and LED Cube. Yes, the metaverse supplier in the Philippines, Waveplay Interactive, made it possible!

Our LED Cube, a very versatile and impressive seat/decorative interactive display, is one of the most popular event technologies that we offer to our clients. We regularly use them to great effect for corporate events, conferences, product promotions, and more.

Lastly, our LED ideas can also be used in 3D anamorphic billboards. This event technology gives the impression of a creative effect by leaping out from the digital billboard. It provides an immersive experience, immersing the guests in high-stakes action.

Immersive LED Technology in the Philippines

Event technologies like LEDs are popular in Asian countries such as Japan, China, and Korea. They have gained popularity in London and the United States. What if we create a trend now? Let’s make use of immersive LED tech and make it popular in the Philippines!