Hybrid Event Organizers Must Not Forget These Elements!

A hybrid event can be more complex than face to face events. For this reason, organizing marketing events must be handled professionally, with the right creative technology. Without the important factors that can make an event successful, everything will just go to waste. 

In organizing a hybrid event, there are different elements that must be taken into consideration. What are these? You can check them out below:

  1. Right hybrid event platform

If you are organizing a hybrid event, see to it that you get the best platform for your activity. You can contact us at Waveplay Interactive, being a reputable interactive event provider in the Philippines. We can help you prepare the right online venue for your virtual attendees. 

Moreover, our platform does not only provide state-of-the-art features, but we also have apps that are suitable for contactless events. You can check out our games, which are also perfect for f2f events in a safety-conscious setup. 

  1. Networking opportunities

Remember, most participants are eager to attend marketing events to expand their social and business networks. See to it that your event will provide both the on-site and virtual participants with an opportunity to interact with their fellow attendees, especially those related to their fields. 

  1. Sponsors’ benefits

You should not forget about your hybrid event’s sponsors too. They contribute a lot to making the event possible and successful. Therefore, make sure that you provide their brands enough exposure during promotions and the event itself. It is also advisable to tap sponsors whose businesses cater to your target audiences. In that way, your company, the sponsors, and the attendees can also benefit from each other. 

  1. Effective promotions

Just like with face to face events, promotion also plays an important role in hybrid events. Before the event, your team must ensure using strategic promotional activities. They will help reach more interested participants. Of course, social media has a significant impact on this goal. For this reason, come up with the best hashtags to maximize social media exposure. 

  1. Relevant information

Both onsite and virtual participants are after new information that can benefit them personally. Thus, it is important that you get credible resource speakers who can deliver timely and relevant information to your audiences. 

  1. Interaction

Your event must enable participants to participate in discussions too. In f2f events, there are Q&As and panel discussions that will allow attendees to know more about the topics. Therefore, your hybrid event platform must support breakout sessions, live chat forums, and similar activities to encourage interaction. 

Organize the Best Hybrid Event

If you want all of these elements to be present in your hybrid event, make sure that you are using advanced creative technology. If this is your first time to conduct a hybrid event, we at Waveplay Interactive can help you achieve your goal. 

Waveplay Interactive is a multi-awarded Philippine technology company. For instance, it was hailed as the “Best Virtual Event Platform” in the 2021 Event Technology Awards in London. For this reason, you can trust us to help you achieve the best hybrid event.