Organizing your company’s team building activity is a great way to really beef up the team’s morale. By focusing and targeting on improving teamwork and dynamics, you can really give them a much needed break from the busy work environment and remind them that being in a team full of awesome people who can individually contribute to the overall success of the company can still be fun and enjoyable. And Waveplay can help you in doing that.

Waveplay Interactive has a lot to offer in its armory of services that can excite your employees on your team building activities. During your planning phase, you can collaborate with us to create, among others, fully custom made Kinect games for the foyer, augmented reality photobooths or video booths, touch screen activities, interactive floor projections, Waveplay Group Motion Gaming, Chanting Games, Interactive Walls, and much much more!

Take the custom team building game we created for Greenwich. The digital ‘Pizza Topper’ Game, which was inspired by Wii and Kinect Games in the Philippines, featured our Waveplay Group Motion Game technology and uses the actions of the grouped teams as controls for the game. The more in-sync the movements of the team, the higher their score! Fun right?

Another team building activity is the Boogie Me Dancing Photobooth which can also be customized for your brand. The one created for Jollibee is really fun. Although it only consists of 3 per team, it’s a fun and “kulit” #barkadagoals type of video booth. Something friends can laugh about! This is just one example of our varied list of interactive and augmented reality photobooths in the Philippines.

Let us help you make your next team activity be more fun, digital, and memorable! With Waveplay Interactive by your side, you are sure to have everyone on their feet with both hands up in the sky!