How to Market Your Brand Through the Coronavirus Crisis

With social distancing at bay, there is a shift in the behavioral trend of consumers. There is more traffic
in social media and transactions online have surged. While it may be tempting to wait for the pandemic
to die down, brands should come up with strategies to stay top of mind for the consumers even during
these uncertain times. The important thing to do in this period is augmenting your presence online
through online marketing and virtual events in the Philippines. Here are a few things that you should

1. Empathy and sensitivity. ​In conceptualizing and planning for your online event this COVID
pandemic, it is important to keep in mind that these are tough times and brands should not be
oblivious to the concerns of the majority. Carefully craft your social media posts and activities
and think about how well they will be received in the midst of this crisis.

2. Maintain online presence. Consumers are more responsive to digital marketing during these
times therefore you need to stay on top of the game. Upgrade your social media presence by
using Waveplay Interactive’s AR (augmented reality) Instagram and Facebook filters that people
can play from their social media accounts. These customizable filters can be instantly shared,
increasing your audience each as well as engaging other people to participate.
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3. Relate to your market. ​If you’re a family friendly brand (e.g. milk brands, consumer goods,
vitamins), consider how your consumers are doing right now. Since the target market of family
brands are parents and kids who are staying home, and in turn, are using their time
homeschooling, a good move to engage with them is to relate to their current lifestyle. For
example, you can use branded innovative educational games and produce regular content each
week for them to play with. Productive and interactive virtual marketing like Waveplay
Interactive’s Play and Learn (​  augmented reality is one such
example that you can do on social media, and to take it a step further, you can even do weekly
contests for those who participate.

4. Make it fun. Appeal to your consumers by lightening up the atmosphere in every possible way. A good addition to your virtual events is the Live Virtual Puppet ( from Waveplay Interactive. This is a fun and innovative way to entertain your audience through virtual mascots that can talk and engage with them. The customizable mascot can do a variety of things from answering questions to hosting games.

5. From on ground events to virtual events. If you are looking for an alternative to mass gathering
and big events during this coronavirus outbreak, Webplay Virtual Events is the best option. This
is an online platform that provides everything you need from registration, video/livestream with
polling and Q&A, chatroom, virtual photo booths and virtual video booths, and even provides
your brand with custom-made interactive games that suit your campaign. Furthermore, this
browser-based experience has security access features to ensure only the invited guests can
enter, if you opt it to be a private event. Contact ​Waveplay Interactive​ to know more.