How to Manage Attendees During Hybrid Events in the Philippines

Hybrid events in the Philippines have replaced face to face events due to the ongoing global crisis. And since most companies and organizations are more used to onsite events, they are still groping how to manage the expectations of virtual and hybrid attendees.

A survey conducted recently revealed that the needs and expectations of attendees differ depending on the area, age, and persona of the participants. For a virtual or hybrid event to be successful, the organizers need to handle these expectations and needs well.

How Waveplay Can Help You

Waveplay Interactive is an expert company in satisfying virtual and hybrid audiences in interactive events in the Philippines. We use an advanced creative technology that is perfect for event hosts who are only starting to come out of the f2f events’ setup. Among our strategies include proper attendee management. Aside from augmented reality in the Philippines, this is what we promote.

Being considered as the top interactive display provider in the Philippines, we do not only focus on perfecting touchless events to secure participants’ safety. We also make sure that the apps and programs we offer can help our clients generate engagement to help the attendees retain as much information as possible from the events.

Since the attention span of people has significantly decreased due to too much exposure to gadgets, event planners must utilize advanced creative technology to keep the focus of the audience. We often advise our clients to get rid of the plain PowerPoint presentations if they want to keep their events lively and unforgettable.

Waveplay Interactive recommends using different event technology tools, including live polls for feedback. You can also maximize the use of plenary sessions to encourage delegate interaction. Other engaging features or virtual and hybrid events include table discussions and live Q&As.

We have also made augmented reality games in the Philippines available. In fact, we have created games that are perfect for contactless events. We have the Running Man and Green Light Red Light games that are both appealing to KPop and KDrama fans.

When it comes to breakout sessions, we recommend the following:

  1. Breakout groups- These are usually small groups that do not exceed 12 participants. Trios and pairs can also be considered under this category. These groups are perfect for brainstorming or figuring out a particular business problem.
  2. Breakout sessions- These ones are the best for sales rallies or conferences. They provide attendees an opportunity to explore the topic more.

In addition, the coffee breaks can be used for networking. For this reason, we often recommend buffet stations, ice breakers, and other activities that participants will find interesting.

The hosts can also use social media to create online communities. This is a powerful digital strategy prior to and after the event.

Tell Us How We Can Help

Whether you want to pursue limited face to face events or you want to stick to the safer hybrid events, your organization or company must value attendee management.

If you want to learn more from Waveplay Interactive, just message us and we will gladly help you.