How to Make Your Events Instagram Friendly

Instagram is the perfect way to amplify your brand’s reach beyond the number of physical attendees because everyone loves an Instagrammable experience. Events nowadays feature Instagrammable moments or installations in order to capture the attention of guests and their followers. When executed properly, your guests would naturally want to pull out their phones and start sharing on their own. In a world of the search for IG-worthy photos, here are some tips you can do for your event for it to stand out:

  1. Be unique. What sets a great event apart from the others is uniqueness. Brands that are first in introducing unique experiences leave a lasting impression on the guests. Waveplay Interactive offers unique and trendy tricks for your event like Insta3D. It is the first of its kind in the Philippines and a sure hit among your guests.
  2. Pamper your guests. Your guests are your top priority and in events where there is a large crowd, level up your photobooths with roving photography that can capture videos and photos right at the spot where the fun happens. Your guests will also instantly get the shareable content. Complete the experience with virtual props and choose from different filter styles. Here’s the icing on the cake: your Social Snaps content can be also be used as a Facebook or Instagram filter
  3. Aesthetics. Instagram is a visual channel so you must invest on quality aesthetics if you want your guests to voluntarily promote your event and your brand. Create a theme according to the message that you want to send. Think creatively about how you would incorporate logo or product placement in a way that guests would still like to post that branded content.
  4. Prepare a hashtag. Hashtags are a helpful tool that makes it easier for social media users to find information about your event and explore the content. You can also reach your target audience and monitor the interaction and engagement.  

Make it fun. How your guests take an Instagram worthy content should never be boring. Inspired by GlamBot of the Grammy’s, your guests can now have their own Hollywood experience through Vogue Cam from 360 Selfie Philippines These high quality shots that can be slowed down and sped up as needed will surely be a talk of the town.