How to Make Your Event Stand Out

Of the thousands of events that happen every now and then, how do you make yours stand out? Customizing your event experience can significantly increase the reach of your campaign, boost your company and brand’s image, and of course, drive better attendance. Make your event the talk of the town with these tips and tricks. 

Be trendy. Provide an experience that would demonstrate some of the latest technology trends. For example, rather than a traditional standstill photobooth, upgrade the snaps of your attendees with Glamshot Infinity It features a kaleidoscopic background that will be enjoyed by many.


Create FOMO urgency. Everyone’s on social media nowadays and it is a good platform to promote your event. Create a “fear of missing out” by running social ads particularly on Facebook and starting a user-generated content contest. You can also create a deal with influencers who are popular among your target audience. 


Invest on visual marketing. Make your brand stand out by investing on how your event will look like. When planning on a design, keep it bright and flashy, but not cheap. Use your brand and company colors as much as possible to create association. 


Host a game. Who says no to a challenge? Keep your guests occupied and entertained with interactive group games. With the help of games, you can promote communication and interaction in your event and at the same time, you’ll capture the attention of your guests. The game must be challenging enough to create a sense of achievement among the participants. Waveplay Interactive has a lot of interactive games to offer, one of which is Vixie Dash. This group of friends are in for some fun You can also try our Running Man which was featured in an event by Globe


Be creative. Carefully plan the theme of your event and deliver a cohesive look to create a one of a kind brand experience. Plan up to the smallest details including staff uniforms, promotional materials and freebies. Your theme must also be tailored according to your target audience. Do a research on what’s in and new and use it to your advantage. 

In a saturated market, it is hard to create a unique event for your attendees. Your audience would want to have a memorable and engaging experience. Waveplay Interactive is here to help you achieve your vision.