How to Draw Crowds to Your Event

If your brand and company is investing time, money and people in an event, you would want it to be an ultimate success. One of the goals is to fill it with people and hype it up as much as possible. Here are some helpful tips that you can try to attract more crowds. 

1.Target the audience you want. 

The best crowd is the right one. Identify your target audience and gear your efforts towards attracting that specific niche.


2.Choose a good location. 

Search for an appropriate venue for the kind of event that you’ll have, near to your target crowd. For a large crowd, you might want to consider hotels, conference centers or function halls. 


3.Use social media to your advantage. 

If you want your event to be a hit, social media is one of the best ways to promote it. Show your preparations prior to the event by sharing insider stories and teasers to pique curiosity. Create a hashtag for your event to generate interest and add a social engagement tracking mechanism. 


4.Leverage influencers. 

To add the hype, choose an influencer who can create high-impact conversations with your customer and who can deliver the message of your event. Find someone who has a dedicated social following and who has knowledge of your brand and product. 


5.Upgrade your marketing materials.

Invest in professional photographers and videographers in order to appropriately capture your theme and showcase what people can expect at your event. First impressions matter the most so make sure to have premium promotional materials. 


6.Make it interactive.

For a more effective event marketing, make sure to have interactive and engaging activities. Through user experiences and interaction, people will get to know more about your brand and your product. Companies like Waveplay Interactive, an interactive experience agency based in the Philippines, offers unique and innovative gimmicks that will surely attract the crowd.  One of the most popular setups for brand launches, company events, gatherings and parties is the Motion Game. These games are tailored according to your brand and can be played by an individual or a crowd which makes it more entertaining.


 Check out a Star Wars fans try to defend themselves from laser fires during the Globe Fan Force Weekend.


The Running Man at the FGen YEP gets everybody riled up and moving as they try to beat each team’s record.