How to Captivate Your Audience with Wall Alive

The game has changed nowadays when it comes to event marketing. It is no longer enough to hand out flyers, leaflets and play videos on a simple screen. If you want your customers to remember your brand, you have to show it to them in different and surprising way. To be remarkable, you have to demonstrate why you stand-out and what makes your brand unique through interactive events.

One of the highlight offerings from a Philippine-based interactive marketing company Waveplay Interactive, the Wall Alive is a creative multi-touch interactive wall made of printed surface which provides an opportunity for your customers to experience your products, its features, and history. This also gives them an idea of what your company and your brand can provide. Through the Wall Alive Interactive Wall, images are displayed on a surface which your customers, activated only through touch, motion, or an interactive trigger, perfectly mapped onto the printed surface layout. More interactive features can be incorporated, like a photo booth with background changing capabilities, even without a green screen, to instant print, motion detection, and more. 

Through Wall Alive, you can capture your audience’s attention. This interactive experience will help them discover your product and services via a unique and interesting way. Doing so creates a two-way conversation which enhances the customer’s understanding and communication with your brand. Adding an interactive element to a wall such as colorful animations and interactive effects triggered by touch, increases your audience’s curiosity, and in turn will fuel brand engagement. You can check below Globe’s 5G Future Home, The Queen Elizabeth Installation, It’s More Fun in the Philippines Wall Alive Interactive Photo Booth, for samples of such immersive experiences.  


Interactions with your products is meant to be driven by customers therefore Wall Alive comes in an absolutely intuitive and easy-to-use design. It can be tailored according to the requirements of your brand depending on the experience that you want to give to your audience. Each Wall Alive is fully customizable from the concept, the touch points, animations, and sounds.

Another way to use Wall Alive is through converting your plain wall into an interactive timeline which reveals your company history and highlight upon tapping certain wall parts. Your guests will enjoy learning about your brand’s story as they activate the interactive display by touching it. You can also incorporate trivia and information showcasing your brand.

Wall Alive is one of the newest marketing trends that you should not miss. For more interactive events in the Philippines, check out Waveplay Interactive and learn more about how interactive marketing tools can work for you. Some unique ideas they provide are the Sketch to Life, Bike Charger, GlamShot Infinity, Holo Foto, and more.